Lab Testing Services - Mobile Pickup

Iron Labs picks up your medical marijuana sample. We have a staff that drives around the state and picks up marijuana to be tested. Once back to our facility the testing can occur and all final data will be provided to you via our website. We are constantly growing, so our pickup route changes based on lab testing requests. We kindly ask that everyone contacts us so we can identify when pickup is available in your area.

Testing Cost

Membership price is 175.00. This is a lifetime fee, no longer annual. Still includes first two samples.

The cost to have a sample analyzed can vary from $35 to $45.

We utilize GC's (Gas Chromatography) for Flowers and Concentrates.

We use HPLC (Liquid chromatography) for edibles and any matter that is absorbed or ingested.

We use GC Mass Spec for Terpene and analysis and for pesticide detection.

Turnaround Time

Each test takes about 24 hours to complete. We are closed on weekends, so samples collected on Friday won’t be completed until Monday.

Results Include

After your medicine has been tested you will receive a report with the following information: Photo, Name of Strain, Date Tested, A9-THC, A8-THC, CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, followed by a total score.

Click here to view a sample report.