Help Medical Marijuana Lab Testing in Michigan.

Marijuana lab testing in Michigan is now strongly embraced by our community of Dispensaries. Washtenaw County dispensaries seem to be the most pro-active in the state with regards to testing. There are however some dispensaries that do not lab test and in Michigan the consequences are horrific.

Where does the bad marijuana go?

Intake overages at dispensaries can be lab analyzed for safety. When testing dispensaries find impurities, they decline to intake that strain. Things like Heavy Mold, Mildew, Mice feces, and a host of other things that you would not want in your body are found often.

Testing Dispensaries can then decline to receive that strain because the testing gave them a full look at what was present in the material.

The Caregiver leaves, but were does the contaminated marijuana end up?

We do not know! However it is possible that the caregiver could easily go to a dispensary that does not have lab testing and eventually that marijuana could make it to MMMP patients. We do not want this to happen.

lobby your Dispensary!

This issue goes beyond competition - its just the right thing to do. If you are visiting a Dispensary without medical marijuana testing, please be sure to encourage them to get on board for safety's sake. If every Dispensary in Michigan does this, caregivers will have no choice but to improve and create a safer product for everyone.

Iron Labs was created to help.