Pesticide Testing and Analysis

Medical Marijuana Labs in Michigan

It’s important to test medical marijuana for pesticides and toxins often used during the medical marijuana growing process. Failure to test marijuana for pesticides, especially in Michigan, can result in the distribution of contaminated medicine to MMMP patients. Although some dispensaries require testing before they accept cannabis from a caregiver, many marijuana shops in Michigan do not require lab tests. Some caregivers use pesticides and other chemicals to aid in the growing process, but not everyone flushes out the chemicals correctly, which can cause harmful materials to remain on the medicine.

At Iron Labs, all the medicine we receive is screened for pesticides and other chemicals to insure everyone receives accurately tested cannabis. Our lab process is thorough, as we strive to do our part in the pursuit of reliable, accurate, and consistent results for MMMP members. Encourage dispensaries and caregivers to have their medicine tested, because Michigan’s patients deserve safer medical marijuana.